My Background

Fifteen years ago I chose to focus my law firm's practice upon two areas of law.

First, we began representing, and continue to represent, individuals who sue companies which commit fraud against the government, and receive monetary rewards for doing so. 

By way of example, we sue companies which sell defective goods to our military, or companies which defraud Medicare or Medicaid of millions of dollars or more.

While it involved our smallest settlement, the case in which I took most pride was suing a company which had allegedly "shorted" an average of 11,000 strands of kevlar from the helmets of 2.2 million U.S. soldiers, including those in Iraq and Afghanistan.
[See New York Times February 6, 2008]

The other facet of my practice is asserting the federal civil rights of property owners in the context of zoning applications. This includes representing property owners within the context of zoning proceedings themselves, and, in some cases, commencing federal civil rights actions under 42 U.S.C. 1983, to protect the rights of property owners in connection with such zoning matters.

A logical extension of that practice was taking on Cell Tower battles on behalf of property owners and local governments, in both local zoning matters, and full borne litigation. As word spread, I began receiving calls from around the Country, seeking my firm's assistance for same.

Before taking on these Cell Tower battles, my greatest single challenge was taking on over 1,400 civil forfeiture cases (while simultaneously maintaining my regular litigation practice), representing the County of Nassau New York, against many, if not most, of the largest auto manufacturers and auto leasing companies in the world.

I not only answered that call, but I am proud of the results I achieved.
[See 2002 Year End Progress Report]

[Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome]

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