I will tell you this: Every zoning case, as you know, stands or falls on its own merits. However, and this gives you no particular advantage, but I think it bears saying because its true. I have been sitting here listening to these cases for 18 years. The only opposition case I ever heard presented by an attorney before this Board that made any sense, and had some substance to it, and was not based on hysteria or dribble, was by you. So, that is to your credit. It does not give you a leg up on this case, but it's worth saying that it's accurate.

Chairman of the Town of Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals - addressing Mr. Campanelli, as he was about to successfully oppose an application to install a monopole Cell Tower. 

[See Huntington ZBA # 20090 - Oct. 28, 2010]

Speaking as a client, and as an attorney myself, I highly recommend Mr. Campanelli. Not only did he help our organization succeed in our fight, he was instrumental in getting our Town to implement the strictest cell antenna placement zoning laws in the Country. I was very impressed at his wealth of knowledge on the issue.

Aimee Rapaport, Esq.

I found Mr. Campanelli to be a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney in cell tower matters. He went before our town zoning board and gave an energetic and passionate argument against T-Mobile's erection of a cell tower in our neighborhood. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rose Curto

[Application to Install Cell Tower Denied]

When we saw Mr. Campanelli on Channel 11 news, we knew he was the right person to represent us. Andrew Campanelli stands by his word, and by our side.

Jodi H. Turk-Goldberg, Co-Founder
M.O.M.S. [Moms Of Merrick Speak out]

Mr. Campanelli – Thank you very much for your help. You and your staff definitely have a top notch office. I was impressed in how you worked recently with me on my representation regarding a cellphone tower hearing. I was especially impressed with your first-hand knowledge about my particular jurisdiction and how incredibly patient and responsive you and your staff were to all of my questions about the process. You and your staff were proficient and professional in all aspects of my representation. My family and my fellow community members who attended the hearing thank you for your skills which could not have produced a better outcome – a denial of request for a variance.

Warmest Regards, Keith Anderson

[Application to Install Cell Tower Denied]

Dear Andrew,

I thought it best to drop you an email to thank you for all your help. Taking up this case on such short notice was just short of a miracle. You were and are an outstanding attorney.

Jeanie Verdis

[Application to Install Cell Tower Denied]

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